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Hello and welcome!

You’ve landed on the blog of a gal who is passionately in love with life and all of its twists and turns and adventures.  Because really, everything is an adventure, isn’t it?  And you’ve caught me right in the middle of mine!

As I sit in front of my computer typing a bit about myself, I am surrounded by thousands of negatives, digital files, prints and photo albums that represent the best days of my life.  From my dad’s carefully archived film and slides to the images stored away of my journey to Niger to a picture I snapped today with my iphone of my dog, Gus, my days and my family’s and client’s have been lovingly recorded and preserved as a visual journal.

I feel that now is the time to share my images and thoughts and adventures with a wider audience.  Here you can join me on my travels, peek into my life and learn a bit about photography along the way. I am definitely still a work in progress and so is this blog so I hope you’ll follow me on this journey.  I’ve been a working photographer for 15 years, and a traveler for my entire life. My three grown children, my husband and my two pups are a constant source of joy and inspriation.

My photos have been published in The Denver Post, The Boston Globe, The Atlanta Jewish Times and Jezebel Magazine. I’ve photographed hundreds of families, journeyed to 30 countries and sell my work in an Etsy shop called SybilMaxine, after my fabulous mother.    Follow me on Instagram @kerrymac I’d love to see you there!

Kerry about blog

all images ©kerrymhalasz 2015. please do not use without my permission. ask me, I don’t bite!

4 Responses to “about”

    • kerrymhalasz

      Hello and thank you! That photo was taken in Peru along the Salkantay trek we took to Machu Picchu. Such stunning scenery everywhere we looked!

  1. Tim

    I know that feeling of wanting to share with the world all the adventures life has thrown our way. I wish you all the best. Tim


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