It’s been a great week! I’ve been hard at work transitioning from portrait and wedding photography to fine art photography. And I mean hard at work! Hours and hours and lots of risk taking and navigating a steep learning curve to get a handle on using social media for promotion.
Earlier this week one of my images was included in a blog post by the fabulous Emily Henderson. If you’re unfamiliar with her, she’s, in her words,  “AN HGTV HOST/ DESIGNER, STYLIST, BLOGGER AND GENERAL PARTY ANIMAL. PERFECTION IS BORING, LET’S GET WEIRD.” Her blog is full of great design ideas and inspiration. Here’s the post my work was chosen for

I can’t tell you how excited I was by this!

In addition, I was chosen as a featured artist on a fairly new website,
This is a pretty cool website. Basically, you can have artwork for your home framed online instead of taking it to a frame shop. You can choose from tons of frames, preview what your piece will look like both in the frame and on your wall, then send the physical artwork or a digital file and they’ll frame it and ship it back to you. Easy!

I’ve had a smile on my face all week! Take a look at my featured photos…

Thanks for looking! ~Kerry

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