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mad men + walking dead.

After 7 glorious years of re-living the chaos, clothing, oddly colored appliances, iconic cocktails, complicated relationships and the cars, oh the cars of the 1960’s, those fabulous Mad Men stories are about to come to an end. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens to Don Draper and his cohorts. Will he live? Will his repeating fall from the heights of his NYC office finally lead to the hard, cold ground? I don’t know. But! I’ve seen the future of a couple of his fabulous cars and they look like something out of the Walking Dead. Take a look…

car_city-3274-Edit copy

OK. These are from my favorite abandoned car nirvana, Old Car City in Georgia. But if you look closely, you’ll see Don and Betty’s karma floating around…

2 Responses to “mad men + walking dead.”

  1. Patrice

    Kerry – having worked for some years in Detroit (Ford), I was fascinated by the fascination with old car history/design that people there have. It seems you, my girl, would fit right in!

    • kerrymhalasz

      I probably would…I have a thing for cars, old and new. I love imagining where these old abandoned autos have traveled and who sat in those seats; what they talked about, the sights they saw. Call me a car nerd. I don’t mind!


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