skiing bliss.

How do you describe pure, unadulterated happiness? So many words to choose from: blissfulness, ecstasy, euphoria, eupeptic mien. OK. I’ve not heard of that last one, but it was in the thesaurus! I’ll have to look it up.
In my world pure, unadulterated happiness is found in my return to skiing. It’s definitely my bliss. And after a long, frustrating break from it while living in Georgia, skiing is fully back in my life and I LOVE it. I love everything about the sport. I revel in the feeling of flying quietly down the mountain on my skis. I appreciate the challenge of conquering ever more difficult runs. I adore the high mountain views. I relish the time spent on the chairlift with friends and family. Oh, what a glorious sport!

ski basin trees snow1 copy

IMG_9514 copy

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