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my girl is engaged.

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.”Engagement-5285-EditI had the incredible honor of photographing my very own daughter’s engagement session last week in Chicago.  It’s hard to express how happy this made me!  I started out practicing my photography on my 3 lovely girls so many years ago. They’ve all been so patient (most of the time) and supportive (all of the time) and they are most definitely my favorite subjects.

Sarah and Teddy planned the day together and we were on a tight schedule as we moved from the dog beach in Evanston in the early morning to the spot where Teddy proposed in December, in the early evening.  In between were stops at the incredible Millennium Park and at their favorite restaurant, Owen & Engine. Despite our busy schedule, we had so much fun! The very obvious love between them nearly made me cry more than once.  They are so sweet together and we are delighted to be adding such a wonderful young man to our family.

untitled-4730 untitled-4809 untitled-4905 untitled-4712-Edit untitled-4977-Edituntitled-5060-Edituntitled-5055-Edit untitled-5087-Edit untitled-5101 untitled-5100 untitled-5109-Edit untitled-5112-Edit untitled-5146-Edit untitled-5151-Edit untitled-5201-Edit untitled-5208-EditEngagement-5246-Edit Engagement-5251-Edit Engagement-5289-EditEngagement-5281-Edit copy Engagement-5293 Engagement-5328 Engagement-5332 Engagement-5345-Edit Engagement-5365-EditEngagement-5392-EditEngagement-5469 copy Engagement-5407-Edit Engagement-5489 Engagement-5504-EditYes, it was a wonderful day :)

6 Responses to “my girl is engaged.”

  1. Fran

    Love the photos. Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement!


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