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a first. sheep shearing.

sheep-4393-Edit copyThe travel bug got ahold of me again.  I’ve been away far too long. Peru and San Francisco and a neglected blog.  Time to catch up!  I have lots of pictures to post and stories to tell. I thought I’d start with a journey from last week and closer to home.  A friend and I were invited to a farm right around the corner to watch a sheep shearing.  Oh!  I’ve never witnessed such a thing.  It was thrilling. The shearers, men journeying through the US from Australia for 3 months to ply their trade, made it look far too easy. I’d say they spent no more that two minutes on each sheep, if that. It was an incredible thing to witness. I’m thinking the process hasn’t changed more than a hair in thousands of years.  High powered shears vs. big scissors.  That’s about it!

sheep-4476-Edit copy sheep-4482-Edit copy sheep-4498-Edit copy sheep-4510-Edit copyThe look on the sheep’s faces was priceless.  You could almost think they knew they were in good hands and wouldn’t be hurt.

sheep-4421-Edit copy sheep-4533-Edit copy sheep-4581-Edit copyThere were piles of thick, lanolin filled wool laying about when it was all over.  My friend took some home to spin.  I can’t wait to see what she creates!

Thanks for stopping by!

sheep-4470sheep-4463-Edit copysheep-4525-Edit copy


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