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field trip friday. atlanta botanical garden!

ATL_Bot_Garden-3698Hello!  It’s Field Trip Friday again!  This week we are going to the lovely and wonderful Atlanta Botanical Garden. For more than three decades, the Botanical Garden has been the destination in Atlanta for lovers of all things flora.  Located adjacent to Atlanta’s Piedmont park in Midtown, the garden’s stated mission is to “develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research and enjoyment.”

Ah, but it is much more! Over the years, the garden has expanded to include the Fuqua Orchid Center; home to the largest collection of species orchids on permanent display in the U.S., the Kendeda Canopy Walk, a 600-foot-long skywalk that allows the visitors to tour one of the city’s last remaining urban forests ­from around 40 feet in the air through the treetops of the Storza Woods, a Japanese garden, a rose garden and a conservatory containing both tropical and desert plants.

ATL_Bot_Garden-3599-EditThere is a fabulous Children’s Garden featuring whimsical sculptures, fountains, and interpretive exhibits on botany, ecology, and nutrition. It is a colorful and fun self contained area of the gardens that always seems to be filled with happy children and parents.

ATL_Bot_Garden-3695The Garden has hosted many popular special exhibits over the years including the annual Fall Scarecrow display, the Chihuly in the Garden, an exhibition of 50 original glass sculptures by internationally renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly, the unbelievably fabulous Garden Lights, Holiday Nights  light show during the holidays and the TREEmendous Treehouses exhibit which featured 12 custom designed, fantasy tree houses!

There is always something going on and growing on to entice even the brown thumbs among us.  But for photographers, it is simply eye candy for our cameras!  When I went this week, there were tulips in bloom everywhere!  Tulips everywhere I looked! It was stunning.  I found myself laying flat on the ground several times to capture the beautiful blooms against the blue sky.  I was definitely in photographer mode.


The gardens are chock full of great spots to photograph.  Midtown Atlanta makes for a stunning backdrop for lawn shots.  There are hidden paths scattered throughout, each leading to another lovely grouping of flowers, bushes and trees.



I know you’ll want to spend more than a couple of hours wandering around with your camera. Luckily, there is a really nice little cafe, MetroFresh in the Garden, that offers delicious, fresh fare at a reasonable price.  I love that they serve on eco friendly bamboo plates and have recycling receptacles available.  A truly green spot!

A dear friend and I made the very wise decision to purchase a shared membership.  I can wander down any time my heart desires and grab all the pictures I want.  It’s also a great bit of inspiration for planting my own garden. Even if it will never in a million years look as gorgeous as these gardens do!

Grab your camera and mosey on down to the Atlanta Botanical Garden the first chance you get!







2 Responses to “field trip friday. atlanta botanical garden!”

  1. Gayley

    Kerry, the photographs you took at the botanical gardens are breathtaking!


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