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open mailbox. extract stickygram!

IMG_0233 copyYes, I do take a LOT of pictures of my dogs, Jackson & Gus.  In fact, for the first year of Gus’ life, I took a picture every day!  I’m so happy that I did because I love looking back on the changes that weren’t obvious from day to day but from week to week or month to month, wow!  Plus, he’s really adorable so why not grab my iphone at every opportunity?

On the other hand, I have about a thousand pictures of Gus.  And scores of Jackson and Gus together.  If I had a shoebox, it would be overflowing!

Last week I discovered Stickygrams.  Really, I hadn’t heard of them before! I clicked over to their website and saw that a sheet of 9 adorable little magnet pictures was pretty inexpensive and would come all the way from Great Britain.  That’s even more fun!

I uploaded to their ordering page right from my Instagram account (kerrymac) and sure enough they arrived today. They are so cute.  Jackson and Gus on little magnets.  I love it!

If you’d like to have some of your own, check out StickyGram at  If you do, let me know how they come out!

IMG_0240 copy


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